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Billing and Payments

  • What are the available modes of payment?

  • The default payment method for NTP account charges is Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG). Companies are strongly encouraged to apply for an IBG account with Singapore Customs.

    If you do not have an IBG account with Singapore Customs, please refer to Customs Forms & Service Links for the Application for IBG. You would also need to activate your Customs Account prior to this if you have not done so. If you have an existing IBG account with Singapore Customs, no further action is required.

    For more information on activating a Customs Account and applying for an IBG, you may refer to Customs Forms & Service Links.

    Alternatively, please email to to arrange for payment via AXS.


  • How will I receive my invoice?

  • For payment made via Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG), the invoice will be sent via email to the Primary Contact registered with Singapore Customs when you activate your Customs Account.

    For payment made via AXS, the invoice will be sent to the email you have designated with Singapore Customs as the point of contact for finance related issues.


  • When will I receive my invoice?

  • The NTP billing cycle is from the start to the end of one calendar month. Charges are on a monthly post-paid basis. You will receive the invoice during the first week of the following month.


  • When will the payable amount be deducted from my IBG account?

  • The deduction will occur on the Payment Due date, which is 30 days after the Billing Date for Companies and 45 days after the Billing Date for VAS providers. If the Payment Due Date happens to fall on a weekend or a public holiday, the payable amount will be deducted on the next working day.


  • What if I notice a discrepancy in my invoice?

  • You may notify us at Notification of discrepancy must be made within 30 days of the Billing Date, failing which the amount charged will be deemed to be correct.


  • Other than the NTP charges stated on the pricing table, what other charges do I have to pay on the NTP?

  • Aside from the GST chargeable on the NTP account fees, some of the Government e-Services on the NTP have a standard application fee. These application fees (such as the application fee for the Certificate of Non-Manipulation (CNM) and Certificate of Free Sales (CFS)) would be charged separately from the monthly NTP subscription fee via a separate invoice from the respective Singapore Customs branches.


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