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Document Management

  • What file types can be uploaded to Data Repository?

  • The Data Repository is able to receive and store a wide range of file types. The following file types can be uploaded to Data Repository.

    Document file types:


    Image file types:


    Other file types:



    • We update this FAQ when we start supporting new file types. Please check back to see the latest list of supported file types.


  • What makes up the storage space in my Data Repository?

  • The storage space in your Data Repository consists of:
    - Documents uploaded by your business
    - Documents shared with you by your Business Partners and VAS Providers
    - Documents in your Recycle Bin


  • How many documents can I store in my Data Repository?

  • The number of documents you can store in your Data Repository is only limited by the amount of storage space in your Data Repository.


  • Will my existing document be overwritten if I upload another document with the same filename?

  • No, the existing document will not be overwritten. When you upload an updated document, a new version of the document will be created in Data Repository, along with the previously uploaded version.


  • Does my Value Added Services (VAS) Provider Data Repository storage spage count towards my Data Repository storage space?

  • No, your business' Data Repository and your VAS Provider Data Repository are separate storage spaces.

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