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  • What is Data Repository?

  • An online cloud-based repository offering digitisation, uploading and storage services for documents. These documents can be securely shared to business partners or government organisations when needed.

    Data Repository also offers the use of data organisation tools such as meta data tagging to effectively manage your documents. New features will be progressively introduced to Data Repository to improve the digitisation of your business processes.


  • What is the difference between my Data Repository and the Value Added Services (VAS) Provider Data Repository?

  • Your Data Repository is a repository to store your documents on the NTP. The VAS Provider Data Repository is a repository for your VAS Providers to share documents with you on the NTP.


  • How much does Data Repository cost?

  • Charges for Data Repository is based on storage usage. For further details, please refer to our fee schedule under Pricing and Fees.


  • How do I know how much data I have stored in my Data Repository?

  • Companies will receive a monthly metering report in their Data Repository at the beginning of every month. The metering report will include details such as maximum data usage and maximum number of user IDs in the previous month.

    Companies can also check the current size of their Data Repository on the top left hand side of their Data Repository's web page.

    To check the number of user IDs created, please sign in to the NTP and access Business Account > Manage Users.

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