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VAS Data Repository

  • What happens to my documents when I delete it from my Value-Added Service (VAS) Data Repository?

  • Documents and folders that are deleted from your VAS Data Repository via API are deleted permanently. Do note that deletion via SFTP will not result in deletion of files in your Data Repository.


  • What happens to my folders and documents that are non-active?

  • Non-active documents and folders in the VAS Data Repository will remain indefinitely.


  • As a VAS Provider, when I receive a document in my VAS Data Repository, how will I know which subscriber the document is from?

  • There are 2 ways in which you can find out which subscriber the document is from:

    • 1. Through folder path details
    • The path of the folder where you received the document will contain the name of the business that is sending you the document.

    • 2. Using Application Programming Interface (API) calls
    • You can call a request for the document and input the Document ID. It will return a response that will consist of the subscriber's name and details of who it was shared by.

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