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International Connectivity Certificate of Non-Manipulation (CNM)

  • What is the International Certificate of Non-Manipulation (CNM) service? 

  • This service allows for on-line application and digital retrieval of the Certificate of Non-Manipulation (CNM). A Certificate of Non-Manipulation certifies that the goods transited via Singapore have not been switched or modified during transit. After the CNM application has been submitted, you may retrieve the CNM via this service.


  • How do I submit the CNM application via NTP? 

  • Before submission, you must register for a Corppass Account and sign up for an NTP Account. 

    To access the service, please perform the following steps: 

    1. Login to your NTP account with your Singpass on the NTP.
    2. Click on “Government Services” > “Browse Government VAS”.
    3. Click on “Your subscriptions” to view the list of Services you have subscribed to.
    4. Locate the “NTP International Connectivity Certificate of Non-Manipulation” Service and click on the hyperlink under Single Sign-On to access the Service

    At the IC CNM Service Homepage, hover over “International Connectivity (Certificate of Non-Manipulation)” at the service menu and click “Apply for Certificate of Non-Manipulation”. Thereafter, follow the instructions to complete the form.


  • How would I be notified upon successful submission of the CNM application? 

  • Once your application is successfully submitted, you will be directed to a confirmation page with an application number.


  • How do I submit the supporting documents for my CNM application? 

  • You must attach your supporting documents with your CNM application via the electronic form on the IC CNM Service on NTP. You may attach up to 5 MB of supporting documents for each application.


  • I have uploaded the wrong supporting document in my application. Can I email the correct supporting document to Singapore Customs instead? 

  • You must attach your supporting documents with your CNM application via the electronic form on the IC CNM Service on NTP. Application with incorrect or insufficient supporting documents will be rejected.

    For applications that are pending processing, you may still upload supporting documents by retrieving your application on the IC CNM Service page. To do so, select “Retrieve Certificate of Non-Manipulation” after accessing the IC CNM Service page and search for your application. Click on the application no. to access the application and scroll to the “Supporting Documents” section. Click on the “Attach” button to upload additional supporting documents. Please note that supporting documents uploaded cannot be deleted.


  • How would I know if my application has been approved by Singapore Customs? 

  • Once the application is approved, you will receive an email via the applicant’s email address indicated in your application. You may also check the status of your application under “Retrieve Certificate of Non-Manipulation” at the IC CNM Service.


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