Businesses are encouraged to submit trade declarations via TradeNet and access our eServices via the Networked Trade Platform (

Other Customs eServices

  • How do I submit the applications for Customs eServices via the NTP?  

  • Before submission, you must register for a Singpass account and sign up for an NTP Account. Once you have the NTP Account, go to Search Business Partners to add Singapore Customs as a Partner.

    Once approved, you may access your entity’s Data Repository in the NTP to upload your application via the Singapore Customs folder which can be found under Data Tools & Services > Data Repository > the Partners folder.

    You should upload each application form and all its supporting documents (if any) as a single file (e.g. JPG, GIF, PDF and ZIP). You should also label the file name according to the type of application(s) and number the documents if you are submitting multiple applications of the same type on the same day.

    You may refer to the Quick Reference Guide for more detailed information on how to submit the application.


  • How would I be notified upon successful submission via the NTP?  

  • Upon submitting your application via the Singapore Customs folder, a successful submission page will be displayed.


  • How would I know if my application has been successfully processed by Singapore Customs after I have submitted via the NTP?  

  • Customs would deposit the approval/rejection letter in your entity’s Data Repository and you will receive an email notification and a notification in your NTP Notification Inbox. You will then need to log in to the NTP to retrieve the approval/rejection letter.


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