Businesses are encouraged to submit trade declarations via TradeNet and access our eServices via the Networked Trade Platform (

About NTP

  • What is the Networked Trade Platform?

  • The Networked Trade Platform (NTP) is a trade information management platform for the trade and logistics industry, as well as adjacent sectors such as the trade finance industry. NTP will enable businesses to share and re­use secure data and documents among their business partners and the government.

    NTP can also help businesses to streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies of manual trade document exchange, and tap on the potential of data analytics to draw insights from their trade data.

    Third Party developers are also able to provide Value Added Services (VAS) through the platform to NTP account holders. These services are available to assist you along the various segments of the supply chain and to improve your digital capabilities.


  • Which government agency owns NTP?

  • NTP is owned by Singapore Customs.

Introduction to the NTP

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