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NTP Account Types

  • Is there a limit to the number of users that can be assigned to each role per business?

  • There is no limit to the number of users that can be assigned to each role.

    For further details on adding additional users, please refer to our fee schedule under Pricing and Fees Schedule.


  • What are the types of NTP accounts available?

  • There are two types of accounts available:

    • NTP Account
    • NTP-Lite Account.

    Please refer to the Pricing and Fees Schedule for more details.


  • What are the Value-Added Services that I can subscribe to at no charge under the NTP-Lite Account?

  • Under the NTP-Lite account, you may subscribe to the Government Value-Added Services (VAS), which includes:

    • Permit Return
    • Hand Carried Exports Scheme (HCES)
    • System Connectivity (API)
    • System Connectivity (SFTP)
    • Webhooks Event Management(WEM)
    • International Connectivity Certificate of Non-Manipulation(CNM)
    • International Connectivity Preferential Certificate of Origin(CO)
    • Tariff Finder
    • International Permit Exchange
    • Trial Submission of Manifest Reconciliation Statement for Sea Consignment via CSV Files

    More Government VAS will be rolled out progressively on the NTP. You may visit for the latest updates.


  • What are the Government e-Services that I can apply for under the NTP-Lite Account?

  • You may go to Government Services > Customs eServices and Government VAS to view the list of government eServices on the NTP. Please note that the individual application fees for the certificates apply.


  • If I am on the NTP-Lite Account, what will happen if my Data Repository exceeds the maximum allowable size of 50 MB?

  • You should take action to housekeep your Data Repository regularly. If you reached the maximum allowable storage space, Singapore Customs will be sending an email to your company and provide a grace period for you to housekeep your data, after which all data in your Data Repository may be removed.


  • If I am currently on the NTP-Lite account, how can I switch to the standard NTP account or vice-versa?

  • You may write to to change your subscription plan. For companies that are seeking to downgrade, please ensure that you meet the criteria of an NTP-Lite Account before requesting for a change in subscription plan.


  • What is the minimum subscription period of an NTP account?

  • The minimum period for an NTP account subscription is 1 month, subject to billing cycles. The billing cycle is taken to be from the start to the end of one calendar month. If you create your NTP account in the middle of the first month (e.g. 15 February), the minimum period the user must subscribe to is till the end of the next month (e.g. 31 March).


  • If I am on the standard NTP Account, what will happen if my Data Repository exceeds the allowable size of 5GB?

  • For those on the NTP Account, each additional 1GB of data would cost $0.04.

    Alternatively, if you wish to keep within the maximum allowable storage space, you should take action to housekeep your data on a regular basis.


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