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Business Partner Management

  • What is a Business Partner?

  • A Business Partner on the NTP refers to a business entity that is connected to your business via the NTP. You can invite or add your business partners on the NTP today to establish a business connection and to grow your network. In doing so, you can start collaborating by using the NTP's Data Repository tool for your business transactions.


  • Why should I add partners to my business profile?

  • Adding partners to your business profile allows you to share data with each other through Data Repository and build your social network.


  • Why can't I add another business as my Business Partner?

  • Only users who hold a Business Admin or Business Ops role are able to add another business as a Business Partner.


  • Can I cancel a Business Partner request after I have sent it to someone?

  • Yes, you can cancel a Business Partner request anytime before the recipient accepts the request.


  • Can I remove someone from my list of Business Partners?

  • Yes, you can remove someone from your list of Business Partners if you hold a Business Admin or Business Ops role for your business on the NTP.

    To delete a partner, please sign in to the NTP and access Partners & Networks > Manage Business Partners.

Partners & Networks

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