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VAS Subscription

  • What is a Value-Added Service (VAS)?

  • Value-Added Services (VAS) refer to third-party services that are developed to support the varied business needs of the trade and logistics industry across the trade value chain. Value-Added Services (VAS) on the NTP are integrated to the NTP system to facilitate data exchanges and automation of services.


  • Who in my business can subscribe to a Value-Added Service (VAS)?

  • Only users who hold a Business Admin or Business Ops role can subscribe to a VAS on behalf of the business.


  • Can I cancel a VAS subscription?

  • Yes, you can cancel a VAS subscription if you hold a Business Admin or Business Ops role for your business on the NTP.

    To unsubscribe to a VAS, please sign in to the NTP and access Data Tools & Services > Manage Your Business Services.


  • Do I pay for VAS subscriptions through the NTP?

  • You will need to pay for VAS subscriptions directly to the VAS Provider who is providing the Service.


  • How long is the free trial period for VAS? Will I be notified after my free trial period ends?

  • The free trial period is determined by the respective VAS providers, you will need to contact them for more information on the trial period.

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