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Strategic Goods Control

S/N E-Services Description


Application for Determination of Strategic Goods

This form is used by traders and individuals who wish to determine if their product is controlled under the Strategic Goods (Control) Act (SGCA).


Application for Permit to Broker Goods under Section 6(1) of the Strategic Goods (Control) Act

You will need a brokering permit if you:
(a) have been notified by an authorised officer
(b) Know, or
(c) Have reasonable grounds to suspect
that the goods or technology you are brokering are intended or likely to be used, for or in connection with any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles capable of delivering these weapons.


Application for Permit to Transmit or Export (via Hand-Carry) Strategic Goods Related Software and Technology

The intangible transfer of technology (ITT) is the electronic transmission of controlled strategic goods technology in Singapore such as email or fax, or the act of making the controlled strategic goods technology available in Singapore on a computer or server, so that it becomes accessible to a person in a foreign country. You should obtain an ITT permit if you are transmitting or exporting (via hand-carry):
(a) Any strategic goods software or technology; or
(b) Any software/technology under the “catch-all” provision.


Application for Preliminary Advice on Strategic Goods Transaction

Before you decide whether your business should undertake any activities involving the controlled transfer of strategic goods, you may apply to seek preliminary advice from Singapore Customs. Singapore Customs will assess whether the controlled transfer of your strategic goods is likely to be approved when you submit your strategic goods permit application.


Application for Strategic Trade Scheme (STS) Bulk Permit

You may apply for a STS Bulk Permit by completing this application form. Once the application is received, an officer will be assigned as Singapore Customs’ contact point to the company for the assessment.


Application Form for Seeking In-principle Approval from the UNSC Procurement Channel

Although nuclear-related items are prohibited from export or re-export to Iran, UNSC Resolution 2231(2015) endorsed the establishment of a dedicated “procurement channel” for the transfer of the nuclear-related items, materials, equipment, goods and technology to Iran. Through this procurement channel, the UNSC will allow certain exports of nuclear-related items to Iran if the UNSC has given their prior in-principle approval. To seek in-principle approval from the UNSC Procurement Channel for certain exports of nuclear-related items to Iran, applicants are required to submit this completed form and an end-user certification based on the templates provided by the UNSC to Customs. Customs will inform the UNSC of the request for in-principle approval.


Apply for Import Certificate and Delivery Verification

The Import Certificate and Delivery Verification (ICDV) complement the export control regime of the foreign exporting country/ region. Import Certificate serves as an assurance that the Singapore authority has no objection to the proposed import of the specific goods to Singapore for the stated end-use and to the stated end-user. Delivery Verification serves as an assurance that the goods have imported into Singapore. The application for an Import Certificate can only be made by an importer of goods, who must have a valid Inter-Bank GIRO with Singapore Customs for payment of a S$10.00 fee for each Import Certificate issued.


Registration to Broker Goods under the Strategic Goods (Control) (Brokering) Order 2019

Brokering is the arrangement, negotiation, or the act of facilitating the arrangement or negotiation, of a contract to acquire or dispose controlled goods or technology, with reason to believe the contract will, or is likely to, result in the removal of the goods and technology from one foreign country to another. Before engaging in any brokering activities in arms, explosives and other items listed in the Strategic Goods (Control) (Brokering) Order 2019, you must submit a brokering registration form or a brokering permit application to Singapore Customs.